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Response to 9/11/01 and the global war written after seeing the World Trade Center towers demolished via a TV screen at a local convenience store that I entered to make a purchase.

Tragic moments representing the fulcrum of human emotions have been placed before us as a spiritual exercise on our journey. Spiritually ill children of God have committed atrocities and continue to destroy life. Confusion and lack of spiritual leadership amidst the dense fog of horror has rolled into anger and hate, igniting revenge across America and all of the free world.

Mother Earth and the universe keep forgiving our sick and selfish acts with balance and understanding. Evolved souls have visited the earth plane delivering messages of love; however, the killing and striving for superiority continues. Those who are aware of our imperfections, frailties, and need for love continue to penetrate with light and positive energy in a newly changed world. Service and assistance to others brings forth divine greatness. Supplication and prayer are recognized and cherished.

Keep love coming from the wells of your soul with tenderness in your heart. Deep breaths of love echo far and beyond the sounds of any man-made weaponry. The angels are watching on full alert and will guide us as necessary with an infinite and loving embrace.

James Berkowitz © 2003

From “The Angels Are Watching”

Painting: Callia Bradford – Made for book cover “The Angels Are Watching”

Cell Phone Photograph: James Berkowitz