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Leadership infected with the disease of a corrupt and tainted heart, where vision is blurred and the mind polluted.

The bigger picture hung on an infinite wall of gravity amidst the universe, dangling on a delicate thread consisting of all life forms.

Time, energy, and thought breathed into a tempest of greed, selfishness, judgment, and hatred to fulfill the ego of human delusion, outlandish acts, and attachment to materialism.

The stream of conscientious choice by a group of souls for what they believe is best without being able to to see beyond a certain point and those who see beyond a certain point writhing in emotional distraught of the actions of those who cannot see what they see.

Beyond the deep sea of eternal night a lonely star twinkles with a flicker of hope. Every breath inhaled and exhaled by all sentient beings a moving force.

One’s inner strength a powerful presence surrounded by others in a realm of love and light.

Embracing the moment of a guided journey while carrying on with indomitable will to fulfill one’s purpose.

Keep doing the work.

For no matter what challenges or suffering are presented and endured the human spirit cries to be lifted, teardrop by teardrop, across the global face of humanity.

James Berkowitz ©2016


ARTravenous VAC September 2016

A celebration of life, art, poetry, music, comedy, and dance.

All live performances on the first level stage
Artists on the second level balcony

*We plan to broadcast portions of the event via Facebook Live*
Hashtag: #veniceartcrawl


Hana ACDB 7:00-7:40

The Ukulady 7:45-8:00

Art Currim 8:00-8:10

Trista Hurley-Waxali 8:10-8:20

Chaya Silberstein 8:20-8:30

The Ukulady 8:30-8:45

Beth Marquez 8:45-8:55

James Berkowitz 8:55-9:05

Kimberly Cobian 9:05-9:20

The Anti-Job 9:20-10:05

Awesome Giveaway Time 10:05-10:15

Note: Times may change as necessary


Lisa Ferguson

Louisa McQ

Marjan Vayghan

Sandra Zebi

Todd Goodman


The Film Detective

Gibbons Media

Louisa McQ

Maui Jim

Sea of Silver

Zebi Designs


James Berkowitz will bare his poetic heart and soul reading/ performing live on the boulevard that inspired “Reaching for the Light of Day” and other works during his frequent night walks around Venice. His poem “The Inner Sun” published in the literary arts journal San Francisco Peace and Hope in 2015 was recently accepted into the San Francisco Public Library and The Special Collections of the Calfornia State Library. He’s also published in Edgar Allan Poet Journal #3 (2015) which is a collection of recognized Los Angelels poets dating back to the Beat Era in Venice.

Please join James as part of the VENICE ART CRAWL and WATCH globally via FACEBOOK LIVE Poetic Pop-Up as he takes the written word from the page and brings it to the street in theatrical fashion. He is grateful for your presence and support. Hashtag #veniceartcrawl


 ARTravenous is a celebration of life, art, music, poetry, and comedy.
ART (Located on the upstairs balcony)


John Christensen

Lindsay Carron

Marjan Vayghan

Sandra Zebi


Betsy Salkind


Carol McArthur

Sayed Sabrina


Art Currim

Twitter @ArtCurrim  

Chaya Silberstein

James Berkowitz

Maryam Mottahedeh

Search: “Heartfelt Journey”

Sean Hill


Elevate In-Home Massage

Gibbons Media

Sea of Silver

The Film Detective


(Located on the First Floor Stage)

7:30-8:00 Carol McArthur

8:00-8:10 Art Currim

8:10-8:20 Maryam Mottahedeh

8:20-8:30 Sean Hill

8:30-8:40 Break / Announcements

8:40-8:50 Chaya Silberstein

8:50-9:00 James Berkowitz

9:00-9:15 Betsy Salkind

9:15-10:00 Sayed Sabrina

10:00-10:15 Awesome Giveaway Time


(I’m experimenting with an app Live Air Solo via my iphone to stream the event via my You Tube channel under my name and link berky1). I will update prior to the event.


Please use the following hashtags with posts #vac16 #venice #artravenous #art #poetry #music #comedy #veniceartcrawl

We are grateful for your presence and support. Thank you very much for being part of the event.


And this just in!

Grateful to Los Angeles Poet Society, Lit Crawl LA: NoHo, Bronwyn Mauldin, Bronwyn Mauldin from Guerrilla Reads for the opportunity to share a message of peace, hope, harmony, understanding, and unconditional love to all sentient beings. Thank you very much. ‪#‎poetry‬ ‪#‎lit‬ ‪#‎reading‬ ‪#‎performance‬ ‪#‎litcrawl‬ ‪#‎losangeles‬

Watch author and sentient being James Berkowitz do a guerrilla reading at the 2015 LA LitCrawl in North Hollywood: