Leadership infected with the disease of a corrupt and tainted heart, where vision is blurred and the mind polluted.

The bigger picture hung on an infinite wall of gravity amidst the universe, dangling on a delicate thread consisting of all life forms.

Time, energy, and thought breathed into a tempest of greed, selfishness, judgment, and hatred to fulfill the ego of human delusion, outlandish acts, and attachment to materialism.

The stream of conscientious choice by a group of souls for what they believe is best without being able to to see beyond a certain point and those who see beyond a certain point writhing in emotional distraught of the actions of those who cannot see what they see.

Beyond the deep sea of eternal night a lonely star twinkles with a flicker of hope. Every breath inhaled and exhaled by all sentient beings a moving force.

One’s inner strength a powerful presence surrounded by others in a realm of love and light.

Embracing the moment of a guided journey while carrying on with indomitable will to fulfill one’s purpose.

Keep doing the work.

For no matter what challenges or suffering are presented and endured the human spirit cries to be lifted, teardrop by teardrop, across the global face of humanity.

James Berkowitz ©2016


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